Color street photography tips

I’ve always used to shoot street photography in color, because it is a way to see the world in a real way, (I’m not against black and white photography) and because color can transmit different emotions.
Here are different tips I follow when I’m shooting street photography:


What scares me in street photography

I’ve been shooting street photography since four years, but during this years I’ve not faced different things, things that scares me nowadays. I know, street photography is not easy to shoot, because there are things that I cannot control, things like fear.

Why shoot street photography in color

Most of street photographers out there think that street photography is only allowed to be shot in black and white. But why? I think because black and white street photographs are considered more artistic by the photography community than ordinary color photographs.

But for me this is not true, I really like color street photography, and since I started shooting street photography I’ve used to shot it that way.