Why I love street photography

It’s hard to not be able to shoot street photography normally because of the pandemic. I really miss to walk for hours on the streets, walk close to people,… . During this period I reflected on what street photography really means for me.

Here are 5 things I love about street photography:

No excuses, just shoot

When it comes to shoot photographs I’ve no excuses to not just go out and shoot.
There are times in which I lack of inspiration (like now in this pandemic situation) to go out and just take photographs of everything, so I just sit on my couch and entertain myself watching TV, checking social media and doing many others passive activities. I have no excuses on not having a good expensive camera to shoot photographs, I’ve got a smartphone that is good enough, good image quality, lighter and always with me.

Beauty is everywhere

When I started shooting street photography, I was too focused on finding beautiful and exotic things to photograph. The problem was when I used to shoot street photography in boring small towns without many beautiful things to photograph. But according to my experience, it is possible to shoot street photography and find beauty in the mundane in small towns. Beauty was everywhere around me.

5 tips on how to shoot street photography candidly

I shot candidly not because it’s a “rule” imposed by most of the street photography masters but because I like it, and because they seems more spontaneous. (I’m not against staged street photographs, it’s my personal opinion, they are two different way to shoot street photography).

Here are some of candid street photography tips I personally use and work for me while I’m out shooting: