Curate my old photos

I’m spending lot of time at home and I’m not shooting street photography often like I did before COVID-19. So, what a good opportunity to look back at all my old photographs.

I’ve a lot of time to curate my old photographs and organise them in projects, create albums, create videos and renew my collection of photographs by adding my old ones.

There are many benefits on looking at my old photographs, I can find inspiration by just sit and watch them. When I look my old photographs, I totally forget the moment and how I shoot that picture, in this way I’m able to judge my photographs like someone else shoots them. I’ve the opportunity to study and analyze them in third person, so I’m emotional detach from the pictures and I’m more objective.

I can discover photos that I might have not liked in the past that I really like now, time is the answer to determine whether I like the pictures or not. Another great thing to curate my old photographs is that I can relive my past memories.

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