What to photograph at home

During this pandemic situation we’re spending spending most of our day stuck at home. And it is hard for us, people who like to shoot on the streets and outdoor. But there are different things to photograph at home like:

  1. Shoot selfies. I like to shoot selfies in a creative way like shooting myself in reflective surfaces or by applying filters on my selfies with post processing apps.
  2. Shoot common objects like plants, even food in a different ways, like in macro mode or in different angles
  3. Shoot from outside the window
  4. Shoot pictures of family members or loved ones, it’s never too late to start shooting portrait photography, and it’s also a way to show how much we care about them
  5. If you’re stuck in quarantine, just document your days and do a photo-diary

There are a lot of things to photograph at home, there are always things to photograph.

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