How street photography changed my life

It’s already 2021 and I’m shooting street photography since 2016, it’s been almost 5 years since I started. During this years I’ve experienced different things but the most important one are all the things that street photography gave me back.

First of all street photography helped me to go out from my comfort zone and go where people are and have the opportunity to interact with them, even if I don’t talk with them. It’s my personal way to be part of society and to show my love for humanity and human beings.

Secondly street photography made a more confident and more courage person, yes, I’ve fear to shoot people sometimes, but I’m not so scared to take photographs of people candidly like I used to do. Street photography made me a braver person, not only while I’m shooting, but also in my every day life too.

Street photography helped me to appreciate the most banal things of everyday life and to not give for granted my life and the life of other human beings. It gaves me pourpose in life because I realized that my job is to capture the beauty of everyday life and to document it.

At the end street photography changed my life because it helped me to follow my curiosity, my own heart, be child minded. It is a way to become the best version of myself and make photos with personal meaning, put my soul in my photograph to express myself.

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