Children’s mind in photography

It’s Christmas time, the period in which most of us became a child again. So, what a good opportunity to shoot like a child. While taking photographs I must have fun, be curious, explore the world, just like a child.

Why photograph like a child? Children are the most curious human beings in the world, they always follow their curiosity. Children see reality how it is, without preconceived notions, they have no prejudices, they are open minded, they don’t censor themselves and feel shy. So, in photography, I must shoot everything without prejudice, everything it’s beautiful and deserves to be shoot.

Children don’t follow their rationality (their brain), they follow their intuition, they look things with wonder, like they see it for the first time. So I think that photography must be the same, I must shoot in a spontaneous way, without follow my rationality.

At the end, when I take photographs I try to embody my inner child and try to just have fun, enjoy the process and shot what I like and what am curious about.

To conclude I would wish Merry Christmas and my best wishes for a happy new year full of peace, love and good cheer.

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