Photography inspiration tips

It’s hard to always stay inspired in photography and arts in general, especially in this pandemic situation where everything is uncertain and can affect in a negative way our mood.

Here are different ways I personally use to find inspiration:

  1. Shoot selfies in a very creative way like shooting myself in reflective surfaces or by applying filters on my selfies with post processing apps, I personally like to use apps like PicsArt or SnapSeed.
  2. Shoot in the nature. In this case I have two benefits: to breathe fresh air and take different pictures instead on shooting only on the streets.
  3. Revisiting my old photographs. In this way I can judge them more objectively, like if someone else shoot them, I can learn from my mistakes and improve my street photography and maybe take better photographs.
  4. Curate my photographs. I can collect all my photographs and create new projects, projects I’ve been dying to do for a long time.
  5. Shoot a lot of different things at home, like Christmas decorations (especially during this period), shadows play, the sky from the window, selfies and many different things that can be photographed at home.
  6. Look at the pictures of the street photography Masters to try to copy their style and take better photographs.
  7. Another effective way to stay inspired is to look other forms of art like paintings, literature, music,… .


  1. Definitely inspired! I have to learn a bit more on how to use all of the extras on my phone camera but practice makes perfect! Thanks for this!

    Liked by 1 person

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