Photography is my way of self expression

For me, photography is a powerful thing, everyday I’m grateful that I’m able to take photographs, because photographs have the power to communicate lot of messages and are a way of self expression.

In according to me, taking photographs is not only a way to capture people emotions and capture everything but it’s also a way to discover who I am and a way to help myself.

I learned that the most important thing in street photography is to shoot for myself. By shooting for myself I must just shoot what I like. Many times I was obsessed by following what others where shooting and also used to shoot pictures that, in according to me, could get many likes on social media.

I can express something that is within me, in my soul, I’m not a good photographer and don’t consider myself a photographer, I just use photographs to represent what is inside me, my feelings, who I am.

I can express something about myself, what I experience. I don’t just photograph for the sake of it or to create photographs that others may like, I photograph for some deeper purpose. To me this purpose is to communicate what I see, feel, and experience with others.

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