The purpose of street photography is to be happy

There are different purposes on why shooting street photography, one of them is to find joy.

To me, the purpose of photography and street photography, is not only seeking to make better photographs, but it’s a way to find happiness and live an happier life.

With photography I’m able to find beauty everywhere in the mundane. I’m happy because I’ve the opportunity to capture beauty in everyday life, by photographing the ordinary and the mundane just by using my mobile phone.

I’m happier because I’m documenting the joy in my everyday life, and sharing that joy with others. It’s just going outside, walking on the streets and taking interesting snapshots of everyday life.

Southern Italy, 2017

I’m happier because photography is a way of physical and mental well-being. Street photography gives me the opportunity to go out and walk to connect with the world, to connect with other human beings and be part of the society.

At the end to be happier I just need to shoot more, the more I take photographs, the happier I am. I just need to shoot at everything (everyday) I find interesting and like, without prejudice, like a little child who received his first digital camera as a Christmas present and shoots everything.

What I discovered is that the purpose of street photography, and photography in general, is to shoot to be happier.


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