Shoot without thinking

The best way to shoot is shooting without thinking. What I mean is to shoot a lot by turning off the brain and not over think.

I’m writing this article to remind to myself during this 2019 that I must just shoot, without thinking and without doing “beautiful” photographs, and allow myself to take “bad” photographs and learn that every photograph is just an attempt to take better pictures.

While I’m shooting, I like to be in a state in which my mobile phone (used as a camera) becomes an extension of my body. A state in which I shoot without prejudice, without the rationality of the brain, I only shoot with my gut. So, without rationality I’m able to not over think and without thinking if the photo I shoot is good or not. I just shoot.

Some tips on shooting without thinking:

Southern Italy,  2018
  1. Shoot with a mobile phone in auto mode, no friction and no distractions
  2. If I see something that interest me, I must shoot it, even if it is a bad photograph in according to others
  3. Don’t be addicted to capture beauty in the exotic but seek to capture beauty in the mundane
  4. Don’t think if shooting people is right or wrong. I just shoot, there’s nothing wrong with shooting people in public places.

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