Street photography benefits

Shooting streets photography is not only taking photographs of people is something deeper, something that empowers me as a human being.

Shooting street photography gives me a sense of joy and tranquillity. I feel a sense of peace and a sense of happiness. I walk slower and meditate. I let my eyes wander and whenever I see something interesting, I capture it. I just shot what interest me.

Southern Italy, 2017

I feel a sense of elation, all my senses are connected, my camera becomes an extension of myself, a part of my body. In the streets I follow my gut, my intuition; I follow my heart; I follow my curiosity, just like a child.

While I’m shooting street photography I feel empowered. I can walk, shot and create photographs to please myself and maybe please others too.

Shooting street photography has made me a better human being

Southern Italy, 2016

Street photography helped me to step outside from my comfort zone (my home), go out, take risks and build my confidence.

It helped me to appreciate the most banal things of everyday life and to not give for granted my life and the life of other human beings. It’s a way to interact with strangers, even if I shot candidly, and capture their souls and be connected with society.

Street photography is a way to become the best version of myself and make photos with personal meaning and not give a fuck if the photos are liked or not


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