Street photography is walking meditadion

Street photography is not only taking photographs of people but, in according to me, it’s walking meditation. I don’t enjoy only the shooting process but I also enjoy a nice walk while shooting.

I use street photography as a way to walk, walk around my neighbourhood, my town and just wander, without a predetermined destination. I usually use to walk for an hour and like to hear the street noises, smells the streets and watch to everything that happens on the streets.

Hoyerswerda, Germany 2018

I use to walk around crowded streets as a way to be surrounded by human beings. I love to watch their faces, their expression and their behaviour. I like to hear people talking, like to smell the streets and watch to everything that happens on the streets. This is also my way to feel part of society.

There’s nothing better than just go out with my smartphone and just take photographs and walk a lot. I just take photographs of everything that interest me like people, buildings and stuff on the ground. I like to document humanity in general, not only people.

Southern Italy, 2017

Shooting street photography reduce my stress, It’s a way to breake the routine, I’m happier and I’ve the opportunity to walk. I think that street photography is a tool of self-exploration. I meditate on life, people and the world.

After shooting street photography I become a better human being, I appreciate my life, people and also the word around me.

At the end I always walk around the streets with a camera, my smartphone (small and always with me), in my hands and use to shoot what interests me


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