How to shoot photographs everyday

I really like to take photographs. I find joy by creating new photographs everyday. In according to me the best way to be less depressed and also to seek happiness is to take photographs. This is why I use to shoot everyday.

Tips on shooting everyday

  1. Shoot with a mobile phone. Mobile phones have got good image quality and are lighter than many heavier real cameras out there. With a phone I’ve the opportunity to shoot a lot without thinking too much.
  2. Walk a lot. By walking a lot I’ve the opportunity to discover new places in my city. By exploring new zones I’ve the opportunity to take lot of photographs. I just look around and shoot.
  3. Shoot different. When I use to shoot with the same “style”, I get bored. So, as a way to shoot more I use to shoot different and experiment with something new.

I use to shoot everyday even if I don’t use to share all my pictures on my blog or social media. I share only the best, in according to me. For this reason I post always the same pictures. But, by shooting everyday, I’ve the opportunity to improve to take good pictures. I must just keep shooting, because every photograph I take is an attempt to make good photos.



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