Why shoot urban landscape

I grew up in a small cities, where usually there aren’t a lot of people in the streets, that is boring and not so funny. For this reason I started shooting urban landscape.

What is urban landscape?

Urban landscape is a sub-genre of street photography, it’s taking photographs or a landscape of something urban. It’s finding emotions in buildings, capturing the man made world. It offers a critique on our society. It’s a reflection of us as humans, and of society.

Why shoot urban landscape

Southern Italy, 2018

I like to shoot urban landscape because is the best way to capture loneliness and it’s the best way to not capture those ‘decisive moments’.

I find it fascinating to photograph the urban environment because to me, urban landscape offer a critique, or a reflection on society. It’s a way to capture the fake environment that humans have created.

Shooting urban landscape is a way to capture the banality of a man-made world, I think that this is why shooting urban landscape is cool: while others are looking by capturing the extraordinary, I’m focused by capturing the banality of everyday life.

Many masters of street photography used to document their boring hometown or used to shoot in places without people walking like Stephen Shore, William Eggleston…

How to shoot urban landscape

Southern Italy, 2017
  1. Walk a lot. When it comes to shot urban landscape I walk a lot. By walking a lot I’m able to explore different places, it’s a way to explore different city zones.
  2. Capture the feelings of buildings. An urban landscape needs to have emotions, like a good street photograph. I like to capture old buildings that are worn down, that are falling down and transmit sadness, desperation, loneliness and solitude.
  3. Look for weather conditions. Different types of light can change the tones, saturation and intensity of colors in a single image. Personally I prefer to shoot while the light isn’t strong (when the sun goes down) and when it’s cloudy. In this way I’m able to transmit sadness with low saturation pictures.

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