How to find beauty in the mundane

Beauty is everywhere around us, and street photography is finding beauty in the commons things of everyday life (in according to me).

When I started shooting street photography I was too focused on finding beautiful and exotic things to photograph. I live in a small town in southern Italy, there was nothing beautiful around me and many times I’ve thought that I need to travel in big cities to shoot street photography.

Southern Italy, 2017

But I was wrong, beauty was everywhere around me, I only needed to just open my eyes and look around. The place in which I live is unique, probably nobody has done street photography here. This is the opportunity to create different works from everybody else. And taking beautiful photographs of something “boring” is more interesting. That’s my motivation.

For this reason I like to shoot street photography: I’ve the opportunity to capture beauty in everyday life, by photographing the ordinary and the mundane just with a camera

How to find beauty in the mundane

Southern Italy, 2018

Here are my personal tips I use to find beauty in the mundane:

  1. I shoot with my mobile phone in auto mode. No settings. In this way I’m able to shoot a lot.
  2. I use to walk a lot. I usually use to walk around my neighbourhood for an hour. During this time I must be able to take a lot of interesting pictures of everything that is “mundane”.
  3. I shoot anything that excites me, I’m not searching for unusual and exotic subject matter.
  4. Change mindset. I don’t try to capture the exotic, I photograph the familiar thinghs around me, and make them look extraordinary.

At the end I always shoot everything I find interesting.


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