Why mobile phones are the best cameras for street photography

In according to me the best camera in street photography is the simplest one. The simplest camera in street photography is a mobile phone.

I must say that I have never shoot street photography with a “real camera” (except a few times with a cheap digital camera), but what I think is: why struggle with a lot of settings when I just need to click a button to take a photograph?

But sometimes I get suckered into thinking that the best camera is the one with the highest resolution, and also the expensive one. Wrong.

Why shoot with a mobile phone

Cottbus, Germany 2016

My phone is the only tool I have to create images, and not only, I use it to write, blog, edit, post process and share my photos.

In according to me, phones are the best cameras for photography and street photography.

Here are some reasons:

  1. My phone is always with me, in my hands: no more excuses to not shoot street photography.
  2. Instant shooting: I just need to open my camera app and shoot, without worrying about technical settings.
  3. It’s less obstructive for me and the subject. Phones are not heavy like many ‘real cameras’, so I can shoot for a long time without being tired. The subject feels more comfortable to be shot with a small camera instead of a big one.
  4. Shoot more: phones have got unlimited storage space and uploading photos on backup apps it’s free. No more excuses on not shoot a lot.
  5. Easy to shot candid street photography: I use to shoot a lot candid street photography, with a phone people don’t notice me, phones are everywhere.
  6. It’s cheaper: phones camera have got great image resolution, similar to most of the expensive ‘real camera’ out there.
  7. Instant sharing on social media and with friends and instant post processing (I use Snapseed, the best mobile photography editing app, for me).

At the end what I learned is to not seek the best camera but seek the simplest camera, in my case a mobile phone.


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