How to be a better street photographer

I’ve started shooting street photography two years ago. During this years I’ve learned many things about me and the world around me.

Since these two years I learned to cultivate some abilities to be a better street photographer. These are three abilities that I personally think I must have to be a better street photographer.

1. Tenacity

Nicolai PT-face-southern-italy-2017
Southern Italy, 2017

A good street photographer must be tenacious, must have a lot of patience and a lot of passion to always keep shooting on the streets.

A street photographer must be patience and must always keep improving shooting on the streets, even if he doesn’t gets good photographs, he knows that the more he shoot, the more he will get a good picture.

To always keep improving his abilities a street photographer must shoot, shoot and shoot a lot in a way to get better with every shoot.

It can be demoralizing to not get a good photograph after an entire day spent out shooting, but he must not be disappointed because he has just spent a day on the streets with other human beings and with his interest in capturing humanity.

2. Intuition

Hoyerswerda, Germany 2016

Intuition in street photography is following the gut: think less and be more intuitive.

Our intuition is faster than our brain. So instead of thinking too much (and lost a possible good shoot) I must train my intuition and shoot with no hesitations.

Intuition also means following my own nose and my own gut when I’m out shooting on the streets. So, when I see a street scene that catch my attention, I follow my intuition and just shot it.

3. Vision

Southern Italy, 2018

A good street photographer must have a good vision: a message to transmit to the viewer.

Everyone have got a unique voice, we must follow our inner voice and don’t let others “pollute” our vision of the world. We must believe in ourself and in our ability.

We must believe in our personal vision of the world and put this vision in our photographs to create our own style. We can accept tips and comments but we must not take them too seriously because this can distract us from our goal, following our vision.


At the end a street photographer must always belive in himself and in his abilities.


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