Shoot for myself

Lately I’m trying to find a more meaningful aspect in my photography. I’m trying to capture what is inside me, I’m trying to capture my mood, my feelings, I shoot myself and I shoot for myself.

Photography is not only taking tons of photographs to share them on social medias rather is a way of self discovery.

I’m a unique human being, with different life experiences and with a different vision of the world form anybody else, everybody is unique and everybody has a different vision. When I take photos, I represent myself by capturing my life experiences and by sharing them with the world.

Self portrait in elevator. Hoyerswerda, Germany 2016

I shot in according to my personality, I’m an introverted human being so I use to shot candidly. I shot what I feel to shoot: I like people so I shot people; I like buildings and the effects of the globalization on humans so I shot urban landscapes; I like to shot rainbows, so I shot rainbows; I like to create a nostalgic mood in my photos so I shot classic cars. I don’t let anybody else tell me what to shot and how to shoot street photography. I define my rules for myself.

I shoot for myself by documenting my life experiences and what is personally meaningful to me. I shoot in according to my mood: when I’m sad I capture sad pictures. I shoot urban landscapes, without people, single subject matters or people that looks lonely, sad or depressed to transmit my sense of loss; when I’m happy I capture happy and funny moments in my everyday life to show my ironical and humorous side.

Southern Italy, 2017

By shooting for myself I’m saying that I must follow my vision of the world and my artistic vision, without fearing critiques and without being influenced by haters online that throw shit on me because they don’t like my photos.

For me, it’s better to spend all my life capturing my vision of the world without having an audience than to don’t follow my vision and  being famous with millions fans and have photo exhibitions.

Barcelona, Spain 2017

At the end my job as a human being with a camera is not to make good photos, but to make photos that I like and that are meaningful to me.

Sorry for this confused article.  To resume, I shoot for myself by:

  • taking personal meaningful photographs
  • shooting with my personality in street photography
  • share my own vision of the world and taking photos of what I  like
  • defining my rules in street photography.


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