Benefits of shooting street photography

I’ve been thinking a lot about street photography lately. I was thinking about what it means to me, on why I take photos and on what is a street photographer. But what are the benefits that shooting street photography brings to my life?

1. Less fear

Hoyerswerda, Germany 2017

With street photography I face social anxiety because I’ve fear of talking and interacting with strangers.

I’ve fear of being punched in the face or suffer any form of physical and verbal violence. I don’t know how people can react if they notice me taking their photos.

But that doesn’t happen, it happens only in my mind. When I go out and start shooting street photography I feel less this fear. Meaning that street photography makes me less fearful of approaching people on the streets.

I realised that shooting street photography is the key to overcome my fears in street photography (it seems strange but it’s the truth). The more I shot the more I feel confident.

2. Physical and mental benefits

Southern Italy, 2017

I use street photography as a way to walk, walk around my neighbourhood, my town and just wander, without a predetermined destination.

I just take my camera for a walk to clear my mind from depressing and negative thoughts.

By walking, street photography reduces my stress. Stress of being locked in the same routine everyday. It’s a way to be happier.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter if I make good pictures or not, I’ve just reduced my stress and, furthermore, I became an happier human being.

3. Apprentice life

Southern Italy, 2016

Street photography gives me the opportunity to uncover the beauty of the every-day life and also to realize that life is worth living. Every day I’m very grateful to be alive.

I don’t give for granted my life and the life of other human beings. It’s a way to interact with strangers, by capturing their souls and be connected with society. It helped me to give value to every single day of my life and every single human being I met.

Every day, knowing that I’m alive, that I’m able to live another day and I’m able to go out and shot makes me happy.


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