The street photographer

What is a street photographer?

A street photographer is a human being that loves life. Everyday a street photographer goes out from his home full of joy and excitement to live another day. He his grateful to be alive, to have the gift of sight that allows him to observe the world.

A street photographer takes photographs to uncover the beauty of the every-day life and also to realize that life is fucking beautiful. He finds beauty in the mundane and apprentice the little and most unnoticed things in the world. Tanking photos is a way to say “I’m alive”.

Hoyerswerda, Germany 2016

A street photographer walks with inner peace through the streets, he walks slowly to apprentice every single thing he sees, he walks slowly to also meditate on life, people and the world. He knows that street photography is not only capturing people but it’s also a way of meditation. Every time he didn’t take a good photo, after an entire day passed on the streets, he doesn’t blame against himself, rather he had just enjoyed the walk.

A street photographer knows that he must take risks to make a good photograph, he must have gut to approach strangers and take their photos. He must overtake his fears.

Nicolai PT-face-southern-italy-2017
Southern Italy, 2017

A street photographer is a very patient human being, he knows that he must work a lot to obtain a good picture. He is like a fisherman, he goes out to take some photos but he don’t know if he took a good shot.

A street photographer only photograph what he likes, without fearing the opinion of others on the web, he is the judge of his works.

A street photographer shot with his heart and soul, he puts himself in its photographs because at the end street photography is a form of self expression. Every picture he takes is a part of him.

Grandfather. Southern Italy, 2017

A street photographer is like a child, he follows his own curiosity. He knows that to take better picture he must explore new paths, by going in places in which he never walked before but also he must be curious by experimenting with new styles and way of shooting.

A street photographer is someone that defines is own rules in street photography, that defines his own style and he is someone that don’t look at others to copy their style, he follows his nose. He is his own master.

A street photographer has his own code of ethics, so he knows what kind of photos he should take and which subject he must shot.

Southern Italy, 2017

[This is my personal opinion on what is a street photographer, based on my experiences].


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