5 street photography techniques

This is a list of 5 street photography techniques I personally use:

1. No faces


I usually try to not include people faces in my street photographs. When it comes to shot street photography I, sometimes, use to focus on capturing hands, people’s details and hand gestures, without including human faces.

With this technique I’m able to make more mysterious photos because we aren’t able to see people faces.

2. Tilt the camera

Southern Italy, 2017

Tilting the camera and making the horizon of the photo tilted in photography is called ‘Dutch angle’ or ‘German angle’.

With this technique is possible to create more dynamic pictures with dynamic composition that are “unusual” to look at.

It’s a way to breake the normal composition rules by avoiding traditional angles and create a more interesting photograph.

3. Get low

Southern Italy, 2017

Many street photographs are shoot from eye-level. To get a different and unique perspective from a street photograph, get low.

Crounch down or maybe shot with your camera at waist-level -if you won’t be noticed- and shot your subject from a low angle.

In this way the subject looks bigger and menacing, in a good sense, than in real life.

4. Walk around and shoot

Southern Italy, 2016

I usually prefer to walk around the scene, to observe that scene from different perspectives, then I shot.

Street photography is so unpredictable that often we don’t know what could happen on the streets. We don’t know what type of photograph we can get until we click that button.

The more I walk around the luckier I am to get a good shot.

5. Shot from the hip

Grandfather. Southern Italy, 2017

Shooting from the hip is holding the camera at waist-level, shooting without looking at the screen. While I’m shooting from the hip, I often get a more interesting perspective.

With this technique people don’t assume that I’m shooting them so it’s easy to capture candid moments.

(Not my favourite tactic but sometimes I use it).




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