70 lessons I learned shooting Street Photography

A year ago I wrote 50 lessons I learned shooting street photography.

Now, I will share with you some of the lessons I learned after two years shooting street photography:

  1. Work on projects
  2. Learn from the masters
  3. Always take your camera with you
  4. Be inspired by all forms of art (literature, others genres of photography…)
  5. Innovate
  6. An expensive equipment doesn’t takes great photos
  7. Follow your intuition
  8. Wait
  9. Observe
  10. Eye contact

    Hoyerswerda, Germany 2016
  11. Show your best works
  12. Follow the rules of the masters
  13. Don’t force yourself to shoot
  14. The best camera is the one that you know how to use
  15. Shot candidly
  16. Shot your neighborhood
  17. Print your photos
  18. Shot for yourself
  19. Know where to stand
  20. Street photography doesn’t need necessary people in it

    Hoyerswerda, Germany 2016
  21. Pay attention to the background
  22. Go out with a plan in mind
  23. Capture the moment
  24. Get closer
  25. Shot what you like
  26. Always smile
  27. Chase the light
  28. Limitations are freedom
  29. Embody your soul in your photographs
  30. You don’t have to live in an “exotic” place

    Southern Italy, 2017
  31. Don’t hesitate
  32. Break the rules
  33. Go out without a project plan in mind
  34. Find beauty in the mundane
  35. Shot from the hip
  36. Tell stories
  37. Go out open minded
  38. Create mystery
  39. Focus on the scene and not on the camera’s settings
  40. Shot in color

    Southern Italy, 2017
  41. Don’t care what others think about your photos
  42. Find your own style
  43. Be curious
  44. Let the viewers interpret your photos
  45. Document your life
  46. Shot during golden hour
  47. Don’t seek fame
  48. Accept failure
  49. Be patient
  50. Shot what you’re afraid of

    Eastern Germany, 2016
  51. No excuses
  52. No expectations
  53. The best camera is my phone
  54. I’m not my photos
  55. A photo can be technically perfect but if it does not evoke emotion it isn’t good enough
  56. Likes on social media are overrated
  57. Follow your heart (inner voice or gut)
  58. Be like a child
  59. Buildings can have emotions
  60. Shoot stuff on the ground

    Barcelona, Spain 2017
  61. Don’t care what others think of you
  62. Embrace randomness
  63. Street photography doesn’t need to be shot only on the streets
  64. Take personal and meaningful photographs
  65. Walk slowly and observe
  66. Take a step back
  67. Don’t judge your subject
  68. Don’t take cliche photos
  69. Shoot advertisements
  70. Shot in black and white

    Berlin, Germany 2015

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