Follow my Gut

When it comes to street photography follow my brain can be the wrong decision to take.

When I follow my brain I’m to slow and can lost the right moment to push the shutter button, lost a good photo opportunity and have regrets. This because I though too much.

Hoyerswerda, Germany 2016

From school, my teachers always told me to be rational, to take rational decision, to think with my brain and not be intuitive and follow my feelings and sensations.

While I’m in the streets and I feel the vibe and my heart starts to beat faster that is the moment when I must take that photograph, even if my brain is telling me to not take that shot.

So I shut off my brain and simply take photos of anything that I find interesting.

Southern Italy, 2017

Why follow my gut?

By following my gut I’m driven by my feelings and my sensations, I’m able to photograph what I like and what I’m afraid of and finally take a memorable and meaningful photo.

The same goes when it comes to choose, sometimes, which photo to upload on social media, I only choose the one that provoke me an emotion and makes my heart beat.

My gut is always alright so I follow my gut instead to follow my brain.

At the end:




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