Why Street Photography

Why do I shoot street photography?

1.  It can be shot anywhere.

Cottbus, Germany 2016

My favorite reason for shooting street photography: you can shoot it anywhere.

I can shot it in my own neighborhood, it doesn’t matter how the place in which I live is boring; in the streets; at the beach; at shopping malls.

Shooting street photography can be done anywhere. It can be shoot wherever I find human beings and document anything that assume human beings traces.

There are no definitions in street photography

2 . Randomness

Southern Italy, 2016

I can not control everything when it comes to shoot street photography, It’s only possible to control where to stand and when to take the photograph.

Is not possible to forecast what could happen on the streets. It’s all unexpected. Randomness is what makes street photography challenging and interesting.

3. Capture beauty in the mundane

Dresden, Germany 2017

Street photography is a way to capture beauty in the mundane and apprentice the little and most unnoticed things in the world. It’s a way to apprentice the everyday life.

It’s capturing the life of ordinary people doing ordinary things and living ordinary lives.

Southern Italy, 2017

These are the reasons why street photography is my favourite photography genre.


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