What is street photography

In according to Wikipedia, street photography is a photography genre that wants to resume subjects in real and spontaneous situations in public places in order to represent some aspects of society. However, street photography does not require the presence of a street or urban environment. The term “road” refers in fact to a generic place where human activity is visible. As a result, the subject may also be completely devoid of people or even it could be an environment where an object assumes human characteristics.

Hoyerswerda, Germany 2016

What is street photography for me

For me street photography is a way to better understand myself. It’s understanding my faults and my fears, like talking with strangers, (Yes, I’m a very timid human being) and overcome them.

Hoyerswerda, Germany 2016

Street photography is a way to capture beauty in the mundane and apprentice the little and most unnoticed things in the world. It’s a way to apprentice the everyday life.

Hoyerswerda, Germany 2016

Street photography it’s capturing human emotions and their souls but it’s also a way to put your heart, soul and emotion to create a great masterpiece that nobody has done before.

Figueres, Spain 2017

Am I a street photographer?

No, I’m not a photographer nor a street photographer. I’m a curious human being, with a smartphone as a camera, that likes to walk and take photos of what he likes.



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