The story behind my photography project

I started this project in 2015 during my yearly visit to my grandparents in Hoyerswerda, Eastern Germany, their hometown.

With this project I will transmit a sense of degradation, of abandonment and loneliness of the city, but also a sense of joy and tranquillity of life.

Imagine that you’re a human being that is wondering through the streets of this city and, while you are walking, you see:

  1. the infinite space occupied by the nature, the space left by the buildings that were demolished;
  2. ┬áthe presence of prefabricated apartments (called ‘plattenbau’) which refer during the years of the DDR;
  3. the renaissance of the city with some modern buildings;
  4. a portrait of the people that live in the city that, yes, are a little bit ‘cold’ (not like many sothern Italian people) but they are also very friendly. They have a nice aspect of their character: not give a fuck on what others think about them;
  5. and finally there is the hope for a better future.

That’s the story, I hope you will like it.













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