Photography is understanding myself

True knowledge is knowing who I am, not others. I must better understand who I am, to analyze what I want from life, my hopes for the future, my fears, my strengths and my weaknesses.

I’ve used photography as a tool to better understand myself, photographing my own vision of the world.

I use also to write as a way to share my experiences, my thoughts, and for this reason I started a blog. I like to write like rap texts about my personal history, my fears and my hopes, but I don’t know if maybe a day I will share them. I even like to draw to represent my inner-thoughts.

Southern Italy, 2017

In photography,  I try to make photos that reflect who I am and try to not look at what others photograph. When I’m shooting I try to photograph with my heart and my soul, trying to establish a connection with the subjects and capture their emotions.

Then when I look at my photos I can see myself and they make me feel more confident because I know that I did a good job.


At the end I must try to make my photos more personal and always meditate on myself to truly learn who I am as a human being. It sounds selfish but I must study myself to became the best version of myself.


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