Why do I take photos?

I make photographs to find meaning in the world around me. The way we see the world is unique so  photography it’s a way to share my perspective with others.

Photography also lets me express myself, and allows me to share my opinions and beliefs. It’s a way to have a voice.

Photography it’s a way to know who I am, a way to learn about myself, it’s self meditation, it’s a way to forget my problems and lose myself in shooting.

Taking photos is a way to face and conquer my fears, capturing people emotions and their soul and create a deep connection and feel empathy.

Taking photographs is a way to capture memories, emotions and make feel that emotions to other people.

I take photos to represent the reality in which I live and not try to escape them. I try to capture normal objects, ignored by many people, and make them beautiful, to show that this objects exist, they were created by the human beings.

Photography is a fantastic way to tell stories and capture the beauty, but also the disease, of the world and make people reflect.

I take photos because it’s the best tool  I have to create art.



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