A weekend in Spain

Lately I’ve spent three days in Spain, exactly in Catalonia. I’ve visited Barcelona, Girona, Figueres and stayed in an hotel in Lloret de mar.

My experience in Spain.

In according to me Barcelona is a very beautiful place with some extravagant and modern buildings but it’s also an open-minded city. I like their mindset, because of the love of their land, the love for their traditions and because they obtained the independence of the Catalonia  (I love their patriotic spirit).

The people I met along the way were very friendly, very kind, always with a smile on their face and ready to help me (like many Mediterranean countries) and not so cold like many of my friends used to say.

My photographic experience.

I’ve shot many touristy photos of landmarks but I took also a pair of street photographs and photos of things I liked.

I’ve always used to shot simple street photographs with single-subjects because I like having simplicity and order in my photos but here in Spain I’ve tried to shot complicated street photographs adding more subjects, in photography they call it layers.

I use layers because I want to show more of the caos of the Spanish streets but also to make more interesting photos and take my street photographs to the next level.

I used to shot also contrast things, putting two opposite things together.

Here are some photos:

Figueres, Spain 2017
Barcelona, Spain 2017
Barcelona, Spain 2017
Barcelona, Spain 2017
Barcelona, Spain 2017
Theatre-Museum Dali, Figueres, Spain 2017

I wished I could take more photos and spend more time in Barcelona, thanonly three full days, to taste the true Spanish life.


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