Shoot different from everybody else

When I get started in photography I used to be addicted to social media and used to follow which type of photos could have many likes and, the worst of all, I let likes judge my photos, I became a slave to social media.

I used to follow the style of other photographers and photograph what they photograph .

I used to be like all the masses of photographers on social media and shot like everybody else. I shot for others.

Hoyerswerda, Germany 2016

But I’m not like others, I’m a unique individual with different life experiences, different from everybody else. Everybody are different, fuck who says that we -as human beings- are all equal.

Why follow what others are photographing that may not be true to myself?

I’ve tried to shoot different from everybody else and photograph what I like, what’s meaningful to me, to follow my heart, and just shot like a child without having fear of the opinions of others.

In photography I try to not photograph how other people are photographing and try to be myself, only in this way I can truly express myself in my photographs.


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  1. I, too, have been in that boat and am finding my own way. Caring less about the likes and such, just doing my own thing.


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