I’ve realized that in photography-and in life, of course- I must never stop innovating, never stop creating, and never stop evolving. Nowadays I feel trapped in routine and keep doing the same things everyday.

All my life needs innovation, innovation as a way to grow. In fact society changes where possible only because there were innovations, innovations through new discoveries.

Hoyerswerda, Germany 2016

But there is something that is holding me back from innovating, fear, fear of changes and failure.

To grow as a photographer, but also as a human being, I need to evolve. In photography, I’m not satisfied with just doing the same thing over and over again, so I try to not always shoot street photography but also shoot urban landscape or photograph what is meaningful to me. 



I start to make photos for the sake of making photos. Then I started shooting street photography capturing people walking through the streets without their emotions and without knowing any composition and street photography rules. But my style evolves after studying the works of the masters and their rules and I started capturing people souls.

Hoyerswerda, Germany 2016

To resume, when I first got started in photography it was a way to capture and escape reality but my style evolved and now I shot street photography to find meaning in the world.

Lastly, innovation is what motivate and inspire me and the moment I stop innovating I start dying creatively.



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