Shooting street photography with a mobile phone

Someone asked me with which camera do I shoot, I’ve answered that I don’t own a camera, I shoot with my mobile phone.

I’ve always used a smartphone to make my photograph and shoot street photography.

If you shoot with a smartphone, especially in the streets, others think that you are not a good photographer. And why? Why you don’t own a fancy  $7,000 camera but only a smartphone.

Cottbus, Germany 2016

But at the end photography is not capturing your vision of the world, people souls and their emotions independently of the tools you use?

Why a smartphone?      

In street photography, the smaller the camera, the better. Here are 5 reasons why I like shooting street photography with a mobile phone:

1. It’s always with me

My smartphone fits in my pocket but also fits well in my hands so the more likely I am to carry it with me wherever I go, and the more likely I am to make photographs.

Hoyerswerda, Germany 2016

2. It’s easy to take candid photographs

Now everybody owns a smartphone so it’s easy to be unnoticed while shooting street photography and make candid photographs without that people notice me.

Hoyerswerda, Germany 2016

3. It’s easy to process and share photos

A smartphone is not only a camera but you can install some apps to process your photos (I use Snapseed) and also share them on social media.

Dresden, Germany 2017

4. It’s easy to learn how to shoot    

Having a lot of memory on my phone brings me to shoot more and also to learn more.

Learn from my errors and also learn more about composition, learn where to stand, learn when to shot that photo and learn to pay attention to the light.

Southern Italy, 2016

5. It’s the best way to capture memories.                                                    

Shooting with a smartphone is the best way to capture memories. With my phone camera I make lots of personal photographs to find more meaning in the world. If I owned a serious camera I don’t know if I would shot all the things I like or if I would just use it to look like a pro.

At the end take photos with a mobile phone it’s a good way to store memories and to not always sharing photos on social media.

Southern Italy, 2017

Lastly it’s thanks to a smartphone that street photography, and photography, became accessible to all the people. If it weren’t for smartphones I would probably not be able to start shooting street photography.



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