Photograph what you’re afraid of

When I’m out shooting in the streets I’ve fear of people reactions when I approach them, I’m scared that I may suffer forms of verbal violence and, in the worst of the cases, forms of physical violence because they don’t like to be photographed.

I’ve missed hundreds of photographs because I was afraid to photograph a certain scenario, fear is what holds me back from shooting photos as I will.

Cottbus, Germany 2016

Fear is what holds me back from sharing photos online because I’m afraid that nobody will like my photos, I’m scared that others can judge me as a human being. Fear that no one will understand the meaning of my photos because they’re meaningful to me but may not be for others. In this social media addicted society I’ve learned an important rule: don’t let likes judge your photos.

Hoyerswerda, Germany 2016

I’m an introverted human being so everyday I’m trying to do things that normally I wouldn’t do like talking to random strangers, talking to the barista at a coffee shop and so on.

So like in photography, I try to photograph subject matters or a scenario that I’m afraid of.

Only by doing things that I’m afraid of I can grow, grow and no more have fear to photographing strangers but also avoid fear to face life and its problems.



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  1. I am extremely hesitant to approach people for a photograph. I am trying to work up the guts to at least approach people walking their dogs and then start with doing a theme on dogs. I completely get where you are coming from and good for you that you have gone out and attacked your fear!


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