Photograph what you like

In photography the most important thing is to photograph what you like instead of photograph what others will like. Only by doing so we can create works that shows our personality and who we really are.

What holds me back of photograph what I like is fear, fear of being judged by other photographs, fear of criticism. At the end who care if nobody likes my works, the only important thing is that I enjoy my own photos.

Dresden, Germany 2017

I try to follow my own personal vision, what I’m personally interested in and be like a child, always follow my curiosity.

Instead of following my head, I follow my gut, now I don’t take photos that I don’t want to do.

At the end, to enjoy your journey in photography is to photograph anything you like.




  1. Very well put and worth remembering. Thanks for this. Another point perhaps is the fear that no one will quite understand the layers or meaning behind one’s picture (or at least, take the time to try). And I guess the added variable in the age of social networking is the fear that no one will push that “like” button. Regards.

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    1. Thank you.
      Yes, there’s the fear that nobody will understand your photos because they’re meaningful to you but may not be for others.
      The fear that nobody will push that like bottom on social media, but I try to not let likes judge my photos.

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