In Street Photography be like a child

I’ve passed through a period in which I wasn’t inspired enough and thought that take a break, practice other arts and experiment with new things in photography were the key to regain inspiration but I totally forgot that I lost my sense of wonderment.

I forgot that, while shooting street photography, I must have fun, be curious, explore the world, just like a child.

Southern Italy, 2016

Now, when I walk through the streets, I walk slowly, look around me and shoot everything that interest me,  everything that catches my eyes.

When I go out shooting I try to embody my inner child and I try to just have fun, enjoy the process and shot what I like and no what others would like.

Note: Inspired by the Italian poet Giovanni Pascoli and his ‘poetic of the child’. In every human being there is a child, that is a sensitive spirit that wonder of little things.



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