Shoot Yourself

Shooting street photography is not only a way to capture peoples emotions’ and their souls but is also a way to discover who you are and a way to help yourself.

Sincerly I’ve learned more about myself since I’ve started shooting street photography than during all my life.

It’s thanks to street photography that nowadays I’ve the opportunity to express myself through my photos and have the courage to share them without have the fear to be judged.

Southern Italy, 2016

While I was looking at some street photographs I’ve realised that the best works are they that have emotions.

So when I’m shooting I try to photograph with my heart and my soul, trying to establish a connection with the subject and trying to capture their emotions because a photo without emotion isn’t good enough. Over to show my soul I try to show myself  in my photos through my shadow.

Southern Italy, 2016

Street photography has helped me to have a voice, share my opinions but it also helped me to go out, to go where the people are, to have trust in society but also in people.

At the end I’ve realized that street photography is not only a way to take pictures but is a way to help and discover yourself.


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