5 Reasons why I love Street Photography

I was surfing the net when I come across images that represented ordinary moments on the streets, with or without people. I was amazed of this genre of photography, it was street photography.

I searched all the stuff about it, images, photographers, and documents on how to make a great street photography.

I was excited. But I had fear. Fear of shooting strangers, fear of their reactions, fear of being judged by other more talented street photographers and that I was not good at it. But then I’ve took my phone and went out to shot.

This is how all starts.

East Germany, 2016

Here is a list of the 5 important reasons why I love street photography but also a way to remind to myself why I started shooting street photography:

1. Opportunity to express myself 

Over photography I like drawing, it’s thanks to drawing that I started shooting street photography because I wanted to give a more realistic aspect to my drawings. But also it is a way to share your pesonal view of the world with others people and discover the world around you.

2. You can shot it like you want 

During the years I realized that there isn’t only a way to shoot street photography, you can shot like you want, it can be shooting from the hip, shooting candidly or posed,with a film camera or a digital one, it doesn’t matter how you shoot it or what gear do you use to shoot it, the important is to make works that please yourself.

3. Find beauty in normal things

Before I’ve started to shoot street photography I was bored of the small town in which I live, but street photography gave me the opportunity to love the small things of my town and forced me to find beauty everywhere, like in stuff on the ground, in abandoned buildings and in common people.

4. It’s a challeng with yourself

It challeng you to go out from your comfort zone, your home, and go out where the people are. It’s a challenge to interact with strangers and a challenge with yourself because you learn to be more patient, more curious and ti observe, but you also learn the main rules of photography. At the end it’s a challenge to improve your skills.

5. Document 

With street photography we are able to document our times, what surrounds us. It is useful for the future generations because it’s all on capturing the way we actually live, that, when times goes on, will change.



  1. Excellent post and all true! Love the framing and perspective of the image here. Really interesting subject with eye catching symmetry. Superb.


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