Street photography as a way to discover society

For me street photography doesn’t need necessary to be shoot, for me is a way to meditate, observe and understand the world. In particular observe the society, how it evolves through new trends, new technologies…

Hoyerswerda, Germany 2016

Observe different people, from different countries, that coesists together, in one city, sign that, when time goes on, the humankind is apparently more united than in the past.

When I don’t feel shooting street photography I don’t try to force myself, I only shoot when I feel it. I like to walk a lot through crowded streets and only observe, I like to observe, smell the streets and see its features.

East Germany, 2016

I don’t define myself a street photographer nor a photographer, I define myself an observer, an observer of society.

I like to observe people, observe, not judging, I don’t like to judge others but I like to observe their behaviour, how they interact with other human being and with their surroundings, with the place where they live.

Hoyerswerda, Germany 2016

In the end I see street photography as a way to not only meditate on yourself but a way to reflect on the society in which we’re living. I think that is important to know what happens in our surroundings and in our society to have a full vision of the world.


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