Shooting street photography in boring places

Actually I’m living in a small town in the south of Italy. Before I’ve started shooting street photography, I’ve thought that I would never be able at it because of the boring place in which I’m living.

After watching the works of the masters of street photography, I’ve realised that not all of them, like William Eggleston, shot in big cities, but they documented the life of their hometowns and created photos that nobody has done before.

Here are some reasons why shooting street photography in boring places is not bad:

  • You apprentice where you’re living.
  • You can create works that nobody has done before.
  • You train your creativity.
  • You can experiment with new genre of photography.
  • You learn to observe more.
    Germany, 2016
    Germany, 2016
    Germany, 2016
    Southern Italy, 2015
    Southern Italy, 2016
    Southern Italy, 2016

    Germany, 2015

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