Why I love street photography


It all starts with a normal digital camera and than I discover street photography. It was a normal day, I was surfing the net when suddenly I come across images that represented ordinary moments on the streets, with or without people. I was amazed  of this genre of photography, I made some researches about it and discovered that its name was street photography.

Hoyerswerda, Germany 2016

I searched all the stuff about it: images, photographers, and documents on how to make a great street photograph.

I was excited. But I had fear. Fear of shooting strangers, fear of their reactions, fear of being judged by other more talented street photographers and that I was not good at it.

Hoyerswerda, Germany 2016

I broke up all this thoughts, took my smartphone, went out on the streets, experimented, learned the rules of composition, learned to observe and still now, after more than a year shooting street photography, I am learning.

Every day I’m happy to have discovered photography and especially street photography because it gave me the opportunity to express myself.

Cottbus, Germany 2016


  • I like street photography because it helps me to observe with attention common objects.
  • Street photography allows me to be more curious and explore my hometown.
  • Street photography has made me a more patient person and a person that accepts failure.
  • Street photography allows me to document my era.
  • I love street photography because it helps me to improve to make boring things, of a small town, interesting.
  • Street photography helps me to improve every day and to let out the best from any situation.
  • I like street photography because it challenges me to go out from my comfort zone. I love challenges.
  • Street photography has helped me to have a voice, to share my view of the world.
  • I like street photography for his utility for the future generations because it’s all on capturing the way we actually live, that, when times goes on, will change.
Hoyerswerda, Germany 2016

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