Only people

After three months passed shooting urban landscape, to document the place where people live, I restarted shooting people.

Since I’ve returned in Germany there are two things that happened:

  1. After a while shooting black and white I’ve restarted shooting in color. In particular I was tired of shooting black and white because of the sense of drama and nostalgia that gave at my photos. With color I’ve a realist wiev of the word and it force me to look for good light and contrast while shooting.
  2. I’ve passed the latest three months focused on shooting urban landscape but, during my “holiday” in Germany, I’m inspired in capturing emotions in people and not anymore in urban spaces. I’ve rediscovered the fear of shooting people very near without that they noticed that and when they noticed me, the fear that I may suffer forms of violence, but it doesn’t happens.
  3. Nicolai-PT-hoyerswerda-germany-2016
    Hoyerswerda, Germany 2016
    Hoyerswerda, Germany 2016
    Cottbus, Germany 2016
    Cottbus, Germany 2016
    Cottbus, Germany  2016

    Cottbus, Germany 2016

This “holiday” in Germany has helped my creativity and to see things from an other perspective.


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