My first photography project: Hoyerswerda


51°26′N 14°15′E here finds Hoyerswerda a german city located in Saxony, in the east of Germany and also in the Lusatian region. Hoyerswerda is a city with less than 40.000 inhabitants. The city is living toughest times because of the unemployment . In the ’80 the city counted over 70.000 inhabitants. Now it counts the half. Because of this problems, in the city are more abandoned buildings and buildings that don’t exist anymore because they were demolished. This massive demolition of buildings has meant that the city finds in an extended area with few buildings and the rest belongs to the nature. In the new town are modern buildings in contrasts to prefabricated apartaments built during the years of the DDR. While in the old city are more colourful old apartments, ancient roads, ancient churches and some beautiful places. The city has a bad past when in the 1991 a group of people attacked an hotel that hosted some asylum seekers that were forced to leave the place.



Here I started my first photography project named ‘Hoyerswerda’.

I went to Hoyerswerda the last summer, from the 26th of July 2015 to the 11th of August 2015, to visit my grandparents.  All  starts not with a precise idea of the project but I just took some photos to document the life in the city. The idea of the project come me to mind recently while I was looking some photos taken the last summer so I thought to collect them in a project, and so the project was born. Unfortunately I’ve been there only for three weeks and there are some things I’ve not photographed but luckily I will return in Hoyerswerda this summer from the 6th to the 27th August to continue my project.

With this project I will transmit a sense of degradation, of abandonment and loneliness of the city, to say that it needs a change. In fact I used to shot some urban landscape to point out these feelings.

But the city is not only these feelings. If you leave the outskirts of the city, where coesists modern and old prefabricated apartaments, and go near the city center you will see a lot of modern buildings.

The city has something more beautiful, the people. When I went there the last year I met different persons that were very kind, always available, always with a smile on their face and ready to help.

In few words is a great place to visit.

Here are some photos but not the entire projectNicolaiPT-hoyerswerda

Nicolai PT-hoyerswerda-2Nicolai PT-hoyerswerda-3Nicolai PT-hoyerswerda-4Nicolai PT-hoyerswerda-5Nicolai PT-hoyerswerda-6Nicolai PT-hoyerswerda-7Nicolai PT-hoyerswerda-8Nicolai PT-hoyerswerda-9Nicolai PT-hoyerswerda-11Nicolai PT-hoyerswerda-12


This are only a few of the images I shot and the next time I will publish the entire project with the correct sequence.

Please, feel free to share your thoughts about the project in the comments below.



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