Why I started shooting urban landscape

Actually I’m living in a small city in the southern of Italy and this led me to shot more urban landscape. The life in the city isn’t boring, there are always people walking through the streets, there is often something to photograph but I like to capture emotions in things.

Great street photographs are these who capture humans emotions and theirs souls but I decided to start shooting urban landscape to capture emotions in buildings, documenting the place where people live, why people live in a certainly place, why people choose that place and how people interact with the place where they live in.

Southern Italy, 2016

For me street photography isn’t to make ordinary photos of beautiful objects but to make ordinary objects beautiful so I love shooting urban landscape because it forces me to make every day objects beautiful, it doesn’t matter if it is an abandoned building, objects that lay on the ground or abandoned stuff in the streets.

Southern Italy, 2016

Here are some reasons why I love shooting urban landscape:

I love urban landscape because it allows me to capture every changes of a city in continuous transformation, so capture the essences, the emotions of a building or a banal urban space before it changes or it doesn’t exists anymore.

Southern Italy, 2016


Another reason why I love shooting urban landscape is that it permits me to explore different city zones. Before, when I wasn’t interested shooting urban landscape, I used to plan all the zones to visit during my photo walks but when I started shooting urban landscape I become more curious and during my walks I prefer to go without a plan in mind and follow my own curiosity.

Hoyerswerda, Germany 2015

I love to shot urban landscape because it’s capturing the feelings of a city. In this small city, where actually I’m living, I love to capturing empty areas or buildings in a negative way, meaning that I will communicate to the viewers a sense of degradation of the city and communicate to the institutions, to the inhabitants and to all people that we should do something to protect the place where we live.

Southern Italy, 2016

Sometimes I like to transmit a sense of positivity capturing beauty in places to transmit a sense of progress, of modernity and the will to go on.

Hoyerswerda, Germany 2015

In the end I like to transmit a sense of degradation of the city in a way to communicate that the city needs a change.

When I shot urban landscape I look mainly for a good composition, to have contrasts like old and new, to the light, to have a clear foreground, middleground and background.


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