How I get into photography

I become my first camera as a Christmas gift when I was 11, it was a little digital camera. With them I started shooting all the stuff I liked without knowing the camera’s settings and the composition’s rules, I just shot. During these years I’ve shot interesting pictures but unfortunately I lost my SD-card.

Two years ago, at the age of 15, I become my first smartphone, it was a benediction because it was lighter than my first camera, easy to carry with me, had a battery that lasts longer, it was always connected to the Internet, in few words it was smarter than my first camera. The smartphone had allowed me to restart shooting more and had allowed me to took photos during my travels and do pictures about nature.

A year ago I start shooting street photography.

Hoyerswerda, Germany 2015


In the last year I started another blog that after a month died, so, finally, I decided to create a new blog and hope that it will last ‘forever’.

I start blogging because I will share my experience with someone and share my opinions and the most important thing is that I like writing but I’m not so good and hope that with a blog I can empower my writings skills.

With a blog I have the opportunity to connect with people who shares the same passions, the opportunity to share my experience and knowledge, the opportunity to learn from others people.

Dresden, Germany 2015


I choose street photography because it challenged me to come in contact with strangers and to fight my shyness.

Furthermore I choose street photography because I like to document people and the space where people live in, it’s capturing people in an exact place before it changes, but it’s not only capturing people but also space. Street photography allowed me to capturing people’s emotions and their souls.

Southern Italy, 2015



Since I started shooting street photography I’ve used to shooting it in color.

I like color photography because it give me a more realistic view of the world, it trains my eyes to look for contrast between the subject and the background. With color you are able to catch the viewer’s attention to a certain thing and, furthermore, color is important for the symbols related to it.

Nicolai Petito  C4
Hoyerswerda, Germany 2015

The last month I was interested in shooting black and white photography after looking the works of the masters, which were almost in black and white, like most of the actually street photos. I wondered why many of them had used, and actually use black and white, so I analysed why is better shooting in black and white.

Black and white gives a sense of nostalgia and remind us our past, black and white is simpler than color because we are focused on the emotions of the photo and not at the color’s contrasts.

Southern Italy, 2016

At the end while shooting in color I’m looking for interesting color’s contrast, for good light and shadows and sometimes it can result distracting.  But while shooting in black and white I’m looking for interesting lines, shapes, pay attention to the composition and it can add more drama to the image.



While I’m walking through the streets I’ve always my camera with me, ready to shot, and looking at all that catches my eyes.

Sometimes I follow my curiosity that leads me to place never explored.

When I see an interesting scene I stop, look for a good background and shot from only a point, those who, in according to me, the photo looks good. While shooting I try to be as invisible as possible and than I leave the scene.

I like shooting from the hip because it allows me to take candid photos as people don’t know that I’m photograph they because I’m not looking at the camera’s screen. Furthermore it create a particular perspective because I shot from a low level.

Southern Italy, 2015

After a day shooting from the hip I’m very surprised of the photos I get.

Now I’m shooting candid street photography but in the future I’d like to ask for permission.



When I started to shot street photography overcoming my fears of shooting strangers was one of the most difficult things, and still is so. Fear is what prevent me to get closer to the subject and take it’s photo, I’ve fear of upload my photos online, I’m scared that others can judge my photos and me as a human being and scared that they will not get enough likes.

I’ve fear of people reactions when I approach they, I’m scared that I may suffer forms of verbal violence and, in the worst of the cases, forms of physical violence because they don’t like to be photographed.

Fear is what made me lose thousands of shots, but at the end I wasn’t scared of shooting street photography, but scared of comparisons with strangers.

While now I shot candidly, in the future I like to become a more courageous photographer and get closer to people and ask for permission.

Taranto, Italy 2016


I’m sorry if this article is not well written but English is not my main language.





    1. Yes, you’re right. A street photographer must have the courage to break that wall. Regarding the photowalk maybe one day it could happen, who knows, Manila is a beautiful city, full of things to photograph and full of nice people.
      Thanks for this advice. 😀


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